Take Action

Take action against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

Sheffield Against the Policing Bill is working on various strategies to raise awareness of our campaign and our messages and we need all the help we can get!

If you represent an organisation, groups, business or prominent local figure, you can sign our open letter.

If you’re an individual, spread the word by writing to  groups who can sign the open letter, take a motion to your trade union, or join our mailing list to get involved with our working groups.

Support our work with a donation

We rely on your donations to continue our work and make sure it reaches all corners of our community.

Sheffield Against the Policing Bill is a grassroots campaign group. We grew quickly in response to the PCSC Bill, off the back of the passionate opposition of a few individuals giving them time freely.

As such we have only very limited resources, and rely on donations from people just like you to print leaflets and flyers, host our website and pay for other resources.

  • A one off donation of £10 will buy 50 leaflets.
  • A one off donation of £25 goes towards buying us a professionally printed banner for future demonstrations.
  • A regular donation of £2 per week will help us to host our website in a more permanent location.

If you’re able to contribute to our cause, please use the button below to donate via PayPal.

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