Trade Union Model Motion

Trade Union Model Motion

Are you a member of a trade union? Take this motion to your branch to build trade union solidarity against the Policing Bill. 

If you want support from our trade unions team, get in contact and we can help.

Defeat the Police Crackdown Bill

This branch notes:

On the 16 March 2021, the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021 passed its second reading in parliament. The bill contains new limits on the right to protest, sweeping new powers for the police, the criminalisation of Gypsy Roma Traveller communities, and increased stop and search powers. Damage to memorials, such as the statue of slave trader Edward Colston that was toppled during last year’s Black Lives Matter protest in Bristol, could carry a 10 year prison sentence, longer than many sentences for rape. 

Since March, demonstrations have taken place in towns and cities across the country in opposition to the Bill, including in Sheffield. In some cases, notably in London and in Bristol, these protests have been met with a disproportionate and violent response from police forces. This follows the heavy-handed policing of vigils organised following the alleged murder of Sarah Everard by an off-duty police officer, and of Black Lives Matter protests in 2020.  

In response to protests, the third reading of the Bill has been delayed until the next Parliamentary session.

This branch believes:

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill represents an unacceptable extension of police and state powers, which attacks fundamental freedoms of speech, assembly and the right to protest.

Trade unions will be adversely affected by the criminalisation of basic forms of protest. These limitations only add to the existing punitive restrictions placed on trade unions by decades of anti-union legislation. These measures may diminish our ability to legally assemble, to protest against our employers and to picket our place of work. This would destroy the most basic forms of resistance available to trade unions. 

Moreover, we have a responsibility as a labour movement to stand with oppressed groups who will face renewed gendered and racialised attacks on the basis of the new legislation. 

This branch resolves:

  1. To support groups and organisations in Sheffield and across the country who are mobilising and demonstrating against the Bill, by publishing a statement of support, and encouraging members to attend protests where possible.
  2. To sign Sheffield Against the Policing Bill’s open letter against the Policing Bill, and to support the activities of this organisation in opposing the Bill. 
  3. To commit practical support to demonstrations and to donate to legal funds for protestors.
  4. To call on the national union to campaign against the Police Bill in the long term.
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